The jersey that was worn by Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in the 3rd Game of the NBA Finals has been auctioned off for $135,060.

Steph Curry now holds the record for the highest auction for a game worn item in the NBA. The record was held by Kobe Bryant whose jersey in his final NBA All-Star Game was sold for $100,040.

List Of Highest Selling Jerseys

The other jerseys that have been auctioned off include the jerseys that were worn by Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James, which was sold for $92,020, $71,260 for the jersey of Kevin Durant and $31,706 for the jersey of Andre Iguodala.

However, it was Kevin Durant that shone brighter for Golden State Warriors as he scored 31 points in Game 3 with his last shot sealing the game with just 45 seconds left. Stephen Curry finished the game 26 points and a total of 13 points to seal the victory.

The Golden State Warriors went on to win the NBA title over the Cleveland Cavaliers with Kevin Durant shining through to earn his first NBA ring.