Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican senator, dragged his party and Democrats, putting blames on both parties for the political congestion that caused Trump to become the president and the present issues. Sen Flake analyzed this in a recent book titled “Conscience of a Conservative.”

The Arizona lawmaker launched his book which discusses more the political situation in the states. Following the substitution of the chief of staff and the 11 rocky days for Anthony Scaramucci, the Conscience of a Conservative comes among the disorder in the White House. The book will be on sale on Tuesday.

An insight into the book

In the book by Sen. Flake pointed out that those who felt rejected by the higher parties were attracted to Trump. He added that Trump was a presidential candidate who gave such person simple answers to complicated issues.

Flake also hinted in the book that the government has turned out to be dysfunctional following the denial by the election conservatives.

During the U.S presidential campaign, Flake was a staunch Trump critic but has turned to share common thoughts and support some of the Trump’s administration initiatives. Flake supports the idea of Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader who advocates the cancellation of the Affordable Care Act to makes an equivalent for it later.

Following Scaramucci’s rant against senior staff members which includes, Reince Priebus – former chief of staff- he dropped his post with the present Trump administration on Monday. According to a statement by the White House, Scaramucci left his post so that John Kelly, the previous Homeland Secretary and the present chief of staff to raise his team.