Several people were killed and dozens were injured in the Midwest and Texas on Saturday where tornadoes and floods severely stroke both states.

At least 5 people have been killed in that natural disaster along with more than 45 people who were injured.


A woman was killed in Missouri on Saturday because of thunderstorms and rain stroke Midwest causing the happening of tornadoes and floods. Another woman was killed when floods swept her away. However, troopers rescued a man who was with her.

The state reported that there were 100 evacuations and by far troopers has rescued three dozens of people this late afternoon. Both governors of Missouri and Oklahoma confirmed an emergency state.

On Saturday night, there was an update by TX Fire Department Brian Horton stated that more than 5 people are now victims of tornadoes affecting the Van Zandt County.


Mark fox, meteorologist in National Weather Service, said that a minimum of one tornado stroke Canton near Dallas. Fox also said that there were tornadoes in the surroundings as well.

the WFAA reported that a car dealership near Emory in Texas was severely damaged due to the tornadoes and floods.


The storms are everywhere from Oklahoma to Ohio. The National Weather Service warns people from the flooding as it is expected that the storms will go on until Sunday.

As for the south of Missouri, officials are getting ready for the worst case scenario due to the lands’ saturation from earlier rains. As for Branson, the water eve in the lake is high.

Federal meteorologists are warning people that roads, soon, may be impassible as creeks and streams are full of floods. Meteorologists predict up to 6 inches of rain in both Springfield and Branson as well as up to 8 inches of rain in other different areas.