Four National Guards in Kentucky were charged with sexual assault against a fellow female soldier.

The Charges

According to authorities, four national guards in Kentucky, Anthony Tubolino, Jacob Ruth, Tyler Hart and Austin Dennis, were charged with sexual assault against a fellow female soldier.

According to Jody Cash, the senior trooper of State Police, the female soldier reported the incident on June 3rd, and hours later, the four guards were arrested.

Kentucky State Police issued a press release, stating that Anthony Tubolino, 25 years old, has been charged with second-degree sodomy, second-degree rape and “unlawful transaction with a minor.”

19-year-old Tyler hart has been charged with second-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse, and both Austin Dennis and Jacob Ruth, 21 and 22 years old respectively, are facing second-degree sodomy charges.

The Incident

According to the National Guard’s statement, the four soldiers were preparing for the annual training of the “438th Military Police Company.”  “The victim was provided with alcohol and was then sexually assaulted by these four suspects.” police said.

The National Guard has said it is cooperating with the police. General Stephen Hogan said in a statement: “All soldiers are entitled to due process and no action will be taken by the Kentucky National Guard until the Kentucky State Police investigation is completed.”

“Sexual assault is not only a reprehensible act, it is a criminal act. First and foremost our goal is to support the victim of this incident. It is damaging to our morale, to our readiness and to our combat ability. It has no place in the Kentucky National Guard. It goes against all the values we hold dear as service members in the US Military.” Hogan said.

Alan Simpson, Tubolino’s attorney, issued a statement, saying: “Mr. Tubolino has committed no sex crime whatsoever. The alleged victim in this case was a willing participant and while she may have been intoxicated, was not unconscious.”

“We look forward to defending his name and reputation.” Simpson said.