The ride-sharing, popular company, Uber has in recent times tried to bring its company to a state of stability. Following the accusation and final resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick months back, the charges against him were that he supported sexual harassment through the company.

Ingrid Avendano, Ana Medina, and Roxana del Toro Lopez, female engineers of the established filed a suit claiming that Uber is guilty of discriminating against women and employees from minority areas. Medina is the only one of the three that still works at the company, and the others had left earlier.

In September, the transport company was also hit with a separate lawsuit. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who was 44 years old, the GMB trade union who was the one that filed the lawsuit alleged that no sufficient security was provided for female drivers.

According to reports from CNET, 20 employees were fired by Uber in June following several accusations of sexual harassment, merely weeks after Kalanick had left. The other lawsuits filed against it has caused the company to be in a very delicate position.

Grim future for Uber

The struggles for authority between DaraKhosrowshahi, the new CEO, Kalanick and other board members are still on.

Although efforts have been made by the company to surmount the tumultuous past, other problems are being had by the establishment. In recent years a lot of money has been lost by the firm, now the hopes of making profits as it ought to are still being labored due to the whiplash of years of promises unfulfilled and unsatisfied clients.