A 14-year-old boy named Shane Roof told his father, Darrell Roof, that he doesn’t feel well. They were both cutting the grass just before a family party for Mother’s Day at their house in Louisville, Kentucky, takes place.

“I told him to go into the house and lay down,” Darrell said. “When I walked in about an hour later he said his leg was feeling funny.”

Three hours later, Shane was rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital after his symptoms became worse.

Shane is an athlete who had no previous medical conditions. He was about to graduate from the 8th grade.

The Mysterious Case

When rushing him to the hospital, Shane was paralyzed and he found it hard to breathe.

The boy was later diagnosed with a spinal cord infarction, a disruption to the blood supply in the spinal cord. The diagnosis was a result of a viral attack or stroke.

“We are awaiting the results of several tests to determine possible infections, but the cause of the injury is still unknown,” Vicki L. Montgomery, his doctor, said.

After a while, Shane started to move his lower extremities.

“The prognosis is unclear and we expect a challenging road to recovery,” Dr. Montgomery noted.

“We have our ups and downs because we sometimes get those bad thoughts,” Darrell said. “What if he doesn’t recover from this? What’s the future for him? We want him back. They can’t give us any answers. There is no set plan. We just have unknowns, but Shane is so strong.”

His mother’s reaction

Since Shane’s case is still unknown and it is a long journey to go through. A GoFundMe page was created to aid with the expenses he will need.

His mother, Alexandra Roof, assured that Shane can now move his right leg and toes as well as right wrist and fingers.

“It’s so hard as a parent to see our child in pain and not be able to comfort him,” she said in agony. “We are moving forward, which is a good thing. We continue to remain positive and help him stay strong.”