Residents of Seattle suburb warned to take shelter after shooter fires at shoreline and police officers from boat

The shooter opened fire early Saturday evening from a boat on Eagle Harbor, targeting the shore and eventually officers who were called to the scene.

The shooter opened fire, going below deck repeatedly to reload his gun. Eventually, officers wounded the man. A witness stated the shooter stripped naked at some point.

Police attempted to use flash bangs to get the shooter to surrender to no avail, and were forced to open fire. A King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was also at the scene.

Assistant Fire Chief Luke Carpenter said of the shooter, “He was just firing randomly.”

Kellie Stickney, the Bainbridge Island spokeswoman stated of the incident: “We have an individual in a vessel in Eagle Harbor who has fired shots at the shoreline and at law enforcement officers.”

Bainbridge Island Police Chief Matthew Hammer stated of the shooting: “The last four weeks we’ve had two or three incidents like this one. They ended peacefully. Then, of course, this one did not, and that’s always disturbing.”

A harrowing incident, identity and reasons for shooting still unknown

Although ferry services were briefly halted, they resumed against once the man was subdued.

A spokeswoman for Bainbridge Island where Eagle Harbor is located stated: “We currently have no reports of injuries or fatalities, we are asking people to avoid the area, and residents in the area to shelter in place and avoid windows.”

At approximately 1AM, Stickney stated: “The situation is over”, but did not provide more details.

The Bainbridge Fire Department also tweeted at approximately the same time: “The active shooter situation at Eagle Harbor is over”.

The shooter was taken to Harborview hospital. His condition has not yet been released.