Following a meeting with Donald Trump, Mitt Romney said, it was a ‘thorough and in-depth discussion’. The areas focused on were of US interests. Trump followed up by saying the meeting was great. The meeting was on Saturday afternoon, which is one of many meetings that the president-elect will be holding at his golf course in New Jersey.

Romney said that they had a far-reaching conversation, when it came to global interests of the US. The meeting was unusual for Romney and Trump. The 2012 presidential nominee was a major critic of the president-elect’s presidential candidacy. Now, Romney is a candidate to be the secretary of state for Trump’s new administration.

In a June interview with CNN, Romney said that Trump’s presidency could be “trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny” for the nation. Trump responded and said that Romney “choked” on his run for presidency, against Obama in 2012. After leaving the meeting on Saturday, Romney spoke briefly with the media, mentioning that he appreciated the opportunity to speak with Trump. Other candidates that Trump and Pence plan to meet with include, Kris Kobach (Kansas secretary of state), Robert L. Woodson Sr., and Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey). Christie was ousted as the chair for Trump’s transition team.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump was also visited by billionaire oncologist, Patrick Soon-Shiong, who was an advisory for Vice-President Biden’s plans to combat cancer. And Michelle Rhee, a controversial former chancellor for D.C. schools. A spokesman for Trump, Jason Miller said, “These meetings that the president-elect and vice president-elect are having really show the root and the depth to which we’re going to pull in diverse ideas and different perspectives as we form this administration.” Miller shared that there were some people only attending the meetings to offer advice, while others are “potential administration hires”.