Parts of the typically warm and tropical US state of Hawaii received a winter snow warning as up to three feet of snow fell throughout the weekend.

While snow in Hawaii is not too unusual, snow falling at such low-altitudes for longer periods of time are a rare occurrence.

Not As Rare as You Thought

Typically snow is prone to fall closest to the island’s highest peaks, mountains Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, which reach heights of up to 14,000 feet.

Snow fall accumulating in the rest of the island in “a few short days is at the higher end of what we’d typically get,” meteorologist Matt Foster reported to the LA Times.

Some winters see even less or no snow at all on the mountains, as was the case last winter.

The snow is set to continue through Sunday, and flash flood warnings are also being reported in other parts of the state.

Travel Warnings

Access roads to the mountain peaks will be closed Monday, possibly attracting snowboarders and skiers to the area in order to enjoy the unusually heavy snow fall.

The US Weather Services says the warnings will be active for most of next week “due to low pressure and deep tropical moisture”.

They also advise residents and holidaymakers to be careful throughout the next few days.

Tourists and residents alike took to social media to express their shock after telescopes measured up to 90cm of snow in certain areas.

One Twitter user, Jeydieinc, was surprised to hear the warning: “I wasn’t paying attention to the TV but I think I just heard there is a snow advisory!??? In Hawaii!!?? I’m confused!”

Another user, Damen Tucker, Tweeted: “Snow drifts in over 10 feet tall on

The occasion even brought up talks of climate change. Some marveled at the fact that there is more snow in Hawaii than the Midwest.