Sean Spicer was on Monday questioned by Robert Muller and his team as reported by folks conversant with the developments. Sean Spicer was the former secretary of press for the current president of the United States, President Donald Trump.

The interference of Russia in the presidential elections of the US that held in 2016 is being investigated by Muller and his team of experts. They are trying to ascertain if there was a collusion in Trumps’ campaign and the government of Russia. The firing of the one time FBI director James Comev is also being investigated by Muller, along with Michael Flynn the National Adviser of Security, both occurrences took place while Sean Spicer was still on seat as the secretary of Press.

It was after ReincePriebus was forced out of office that Spicer followed and in August left the white house. Priebus had already undergone investigation and interviews by Muller’s team on Monday.

More persons to be Interviewed

It is indicated by the meeting between Muller and Spicer that investigations and interviews in Trump’s inner circle are being ramped up.

Keith Kellogg, the chief of staff of the national security council of the white house, was also being interviewed by Muller and his team. It was revealed by one of the observers that no attorney was brought to the interview by Kellogg.

Furthermore, Mueller in addition to Spicer and Priebus is projected to interview the counsel of the white house, Counsel Don McGahn, an affiliate of the counsel’s office of the white house, James Burnham, Josh Raffel Trump’s son in law spokesman and Jared Kushner one who is appraised with the scrutiny.