Renowned actor Steve Martin, 71, tweeted a tribute for actress Carrie Fisher after her death a few days ago, then removed his tweet amidst several blasts being thrown at him, claiming that his tweet was very sexist.

Martin’s tweet read: “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”

The actor made it clear that the big misunderstanding here is that he simply was saying that when he was a young boy, he was mesmerized by the Star Wars actress’ splendor, then once he got to know Fisher a bit more, he had realized she had witty traits in her character.

What Was Wrong?

Although some have stated that Martin’s tweet was a beautiful and delightful post that expressed his feelings towards her the right way, considering he had been a friend of hers for decades, others have shunned Martin for referring to the actress’ appearances just shortly after she had died.

They claimed it was at an inconvenient timing and inappropriate.

Overreacting Perhaps

Some people have stated that Fisher probably would prefer to have been recalled and remembered after her death for reasons far more than just being pretty or for her appearances in general.

However, despite the fact that she had spoken against such matters during the time frame of her acting career, it is believed by several that if she had been aware of Martin’s tweet, she would have considered it to be a laughing matter instead of the over reacting critics that has been flying around on social media.

Fisher had spoken out loud on numerous occasions on matters regarding her feministic views. This was especially evident after she had performed her role as Princess Leia, in which she criticized those who sexualized her character and missing the bigger picture.