Sunbathers had to flee the sands after a private plane threatened to come down on top of them on a beach in Tenerife. The plane crash landed on the Spanish beach in Las Teresitas in Santa Cruz at lunch time.

Miraculously, all three people on board the plane survived. However, the man, woman and a 14 year old have been rushed to hospital and the nature of their injuries is not yet known. Photos of the aftermath shows the wreckage lying close to the shoreline. According to reports, the woman and the teenage girl were able to get out of the wreckage themselves. However, firefighters were called to use specialist cutting equipment to get into the roof of the plane and rescue the man.

It is understood that the plane’s pilot was British, with other passengers believed to be Belgian and British. All three occupants of the craft were bluelighted to nearby La Candelaria Hospital.

Emergency landing

An alert was received from Tenerife airport that a private jet was in difficulties and was going to return to perform an emergency landing on the runway. It is understood that the craft had only just taken off and was heading for Morocco when a technical issue was found. Minutes later, the plane crash landed on the beach as stunned sunbathers ran for their lives.

Jose Manuel Bermudez, the Major of Santa Cruz said it was a miracle that no one had been killed in the accident. He praised the pilot for managing to avoid any casualties on the crowded beach.

The beach has been closed while firefighters work to remove the fuel which leaked during the accident. The wreckage of the light aircraft also needs to be removed from the sands. Debris could still be seen scattered across a small area of the golden sandy bay.