Tennessee police have charged a man with first-degree murder for the death of a 21-year old woman that was shot and killed at a child’s birthday party, on Thursday night. Six other people were injured, including a 6-year old. According to Steve Isbell, Dyersburg Police Chief, Shanice Amerson was shot and killed, while attending the birthday party for her 2-year old son. Police have charged 29-year old Torius Saville Russell with the death.

Isbell said that Russell was in a vehicle that drove by the house of the birthday party, around 4:15 pm CT. There was at least one other person in the vehicle, with a gun out the window. Two hours later, Russell returned and opened fire on the people, outside at the birthday party. Isbell said the information showed 75 to 100 people were attending the birthday party. Russell walked onto the property and began shooting.

As of now, the police didn’t have a motive for the shooting. During a news conference, Mayor John Holden said, “The event that occurred last night in our community is not a typical occurrence, in our community.” The horrific shooting has affected everyone in the city. The city of Dyersburg is 79 miles northeast of Memphis, with about 17,000 people.

“Any time you have violence occur in the community, it’s alarming. When you have children involved, it’s disturbing. It initially started out as a celebration for a 2-year-old child’s birthday, and now this child will celebrate no more birthdays with his mother. And that’s something that should be upsetting to us all”, said the Mayor. The medical emergency had to airlift 38-year old Lakisha Rolling and a 6-year old. Rolling had multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to a hospital in Memphis. The 6-year old was transported to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.