The popular pop star has managed to stop another one of her alleged stalkers, following another arrest. On Thursday, Austin, Texas police officials arrested 39-year old Frank Andrew Hoover for an incident that happened on October 22nd.

Police documents show that after Taylor Swift performed at a concert for a Formula 1 race, it was believed that Hoover followed the star’s motorcade to the airport, where a jet was waiting to pick up Swift and her parents. The documents claim that Hoover managed get within 50 feet of her vehicle, before he was confronted by her bodyguards and questioned about being so close to the star. Hoover responded by saying he wanted to take a picture of Swift. He also said, “Possibly accompany Taylor wherever she goes.”

A protection order had already been filed by Swift, when she was in Kansas. The order stated that Hoover would have to be at least 500 feet away from Swift. After the violation, police located Hoover and arrested him on Thursday. There is currently a $100,000 bail that Hoover would have to pay to be released.

Officials discovered that Hoover had been stalking Taylor Swift for a few months. It began to come to surface, when documentation showed that he was sending emails to Taylor’s father, Scott Swift. This went on from August until October. On one of the messages, Hoover made up some tale about God speaking to him about Swift. He went on to say, “Without her, I walk the earth alone forever and she’ll continue to experience failed relationships that break her heart.”

Following the incident, Hoover followed up with another email that said “God is going to kill all the Swifts and then the issue will go away.” Along with the email was an image of Taylor Swift. He placed a caption (in red) on the picture that read: “A whore named Satan dies”.