A wealthy businessman who raped a woman in an alleyway attack 26 years ago has finally been brought to justice. Mark Carnelley grabbed the woman and dragged her into a deserted alleyway back in 1990, but her attacker was not found, until now.

Following the assault, Carnelley went on to set up a printing firm turning over a six-figure sum, and also started a family. However, he was finally brought to book when a DNA sample was taken after he had an altercation with youths outside his half a million pound home. That proved to be a match in the historic rape case.

DNA match found

In 2010, Carnelley put in a call to police, complaining that youths outside his five bedroom property in Nottingham were causing a disturbance. However, he was the one who ended up being arrested, on suspicion of assault. While he was let off with a caution, a DNA sample was taken and then stored on Britain’s national database.

Following DNA breakthroughs and new techniques, that sample was tested against others in unsolved cases and a match was found. A first, Carnelley denied raping the 25 year old woman when he was 26. However, he then changed that plea to guilty and he has now been sent to prison for seven years.

Following the hearing, the judge said: “Thank heavens for science,” after prosecutors told him that the chances of the DNA not being Carnelleys was one in a billion. Carnelley dragged his victim to a secluded spot, claiming that he had a knife and raped her. In a victim impact statement read out in court before he was sentenced, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the attack left her wanting to rip her own insides out as she felt her body no longer belonged to her.