As Blue Apron approaches next earnings report for several weeks, the company announced on Wednesday that it would release 6 percent of its employees as part of “redeployment of employees throughout the company to support its strategic priorities.”

The blue swab was one of the largest and most likely consumer exchanges of the year but is also one of the major challenges facing IPOs and consumers throughout the year. Since the launch of the stock market, Wall Street has cut the stock price of Blue Apron and it was virtually impossible to maintain a status of unicorn. The company is an example of a complex company that can represent significant challenges for acquiring and retaining customers, and that Amazon is overly threatened.

These layoffs took place in the offices of the company and in the shipping centres of the company and will generate hundreds of jobs. Blue Apron said that on June 30 this year had 5,393 employees, which will still have more than 250 layoffs, depending on the number of employees.

“The whole-company redirection, as we announce it, is always painful, and above all for a close team like ours,” said Matt Salzburg, a manager in a statement. “Our leadership and the Steering Board have made this decision easy and I want to convince you that we consider it necessary to focus the company on future growth and profitability.” In the context of this paper, we have discovered that some of the roles have been reduced and others have to be opened, and decision-making processes should be tightened to take greater responsibility.

Whenever possible, we tried to add new roles to existing employees

The Blue Platform is a company that will aggressively question investors when they report earnings within a few weeks, as the company has to prove it can adjust its business if Amazon ever attacked the lawn. In addition, one of its competitors, Hello Fresh, is also planning the public. A blue spit should ensure that users who can come to the ad as an ad or as part of a gift can retain users, especially when they withdraw marketing costs.