We misread a lot of things in life. Maybe, because we are in a rush or we simply don’t pay a lot of attention to what we just saw. This time around, that isn’t the case. The third time that you read this heading, it still said “THE MCDONALD’S NUTELLA BURGER ANYONE”. It’s okay. Don’t struggle to picture the taste.

Thursday morning, McDonald’s made the announcement on their Italia Facebook page. It was the introduction of the fast food giant’s “Sweety con Nutella”. Since then, the post has been shared more than 80,000 times, with more than 70,000 likes. Most people are alarmed that the sandwich would even be considered a hamburger. The biggest complaint is that there isn’t a burger patty within the sandwich. They simply took a homemade sandwich and put it on their buns with a pretty sandwich box.

It has left many wondering about the concept. Is there a storm of people flocking to the hazelnut spread? And, how often are people making sandwiches with Nutella? At first glance, it looks like an “experimented donut”. It seems to be chocolate filled, but it isn’t something that you rarely would see. Instead, it is a McDonald’s sandwich. There are no condiments that you would normally find on a traditional McDonald’s burger. You don’t have any meat and even the buns aren’t the same.  Yet, someone, somewhere is raving about this new concoction.

As of now, there is no sign of the sandwich/donut joining the menus in America, but that remains to be seen. Depending on the response in Italy, there is a possibility that Ronald would want to test the waters in the US. If the sandwich came with condiments, it would distort the minds of McDonald’s lovers. The sandwich could easily pass for a ‘morning donut’, and it remains to be seen of how far it will go.