It was made public by the league on Monday that Mike Evans for going against the conduct of sportsmanship and displaying roughness and bruteness that was unnecessary in the game on Sunday as they lost to New Orleans 30 – 10.

Appeals came from the Pro Bowl wideout but appeals officer James Thrash upheld them, the NFL made public on Tuesday.

“I would like to apologize sincerely for the games on Sunday for my actions. It was when I saw my quarterback getting shoved that I lost my cool and let my emotions lead me.”Evans made clear in a statement after judgment had been made. “I agree that my actions in response to the situation was not appropriate and did not display truly who I am as a person and as a player.”

It was seen from the footage of the game that Evans blasted the defensive back of the opposing team Marshon Lattimore to the turg just about the third quarter. This occurred after a jawing session ensued between a Bucs player and Lattimore.

Winston was shoved immediately the defensive back spun around, causing Evans to run in and tackle Lattimore from behind after the incident.

Ruling described

The vice president of the football operations of the NFL wrote a letter to Evans that described the ruling on the matter: “As the third quarter progressed, an unsuspecting opponent was struck by you at the back and you successfully knocked the individual to the ground. From your conduct, no one could see the standards set for good sportsmanship.”

“If no ejection in that case, then am not sure I know when an ejection is supposed to occur,” Payton said when the game had ended.

With Evans out of the planned squad, the case with the Bucs isn’t going to be any better.