A man from South Texas escaped police custody while in route from a George West Hospital to the Live Oak County Jail.  He apparently slipped through the window in a police car without active window locks.  Live Oak County Sherriff Larry Busby explained, “He managed to get the window open.  We just got the car out of the body shop and apparently they had deactivated the window locks.”  Donning an orange jumpsuit, belly chain, and leg shackles Jake Childers ran to freedom eventually stealing firearms and a 1997 Ford pickup with a 2008 gray PL flatbed gooseneck trailer with a water tank from a nearby home.

On Saturday Mayor Andy Garza and Chief of Police Suzanne Martin issued a press release advising George West residents to stay indoors and report any suspicious activity.  The release goes on to explain that “Prisoner Jake Childers has escape from the Live Oak County Jail.  Residents of George West, please secure your homes. DO NOT make direct contact with this individual or attempt to apprehend.”

His original arrest stemmed from charges of fishing illegally on private property in Bastrop County and assaulting a Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden.  He was arrested two days later after eluding police with the help of his sister. 

The stolen truck was found in Atascosa County near Farm Road 791 two days later but the fugitive was not with the vehicle, although tips were called in reporting that Childers was spotted running barefoot now wearing khaki overalls.   Helicopters, more than 60 officers from the US Border Patrol, George West Police Department, and Live Oak County PD, as well as K-9 units were on the search and a perimeter was set up on Monday afternoon.  Department of Public Safety officers were able to find Childers Tuesday night and he was killed as “gunfire was exchanged”.