Coffee may not only serve as a morning boost, but moderate consumption of coffee may also have many health benefits, a new review reveals.

A broad review of previous studies found that coffee helps to a reduce the risk of liver disease and certain cancers, as well as a lowering the chance of dying from stroke, but scientists couldn’t provide evidence that coffee was the reason.

The excess consumption of coffee by pregnant women could be harmful, the review noted.

Researchers warned that people shouldn’t start consuming coffee just to resolve health issues

The team of researchers at the University in Southampton collected data on the reaction of coffee on any area of our body, considering more than 200 cases – the majority of which were based on observations.

When compared with data collected from non-coffee drinkers, those who consume about 3 cups of coffee daily seemed to have a lower risk of developing heart issues.
The best benefits of drinking coffee were seen in lowered risks of getting liver disease and cancer.

However, Prof Paul Roderick, co-creator of the study at the University of Southampton, noted that the review couldn’t show if coffee consumption had the effect.

“Certain factors, for example, age, smokers or not, and how often they exercise could also have made a difference,” he stated.

200mg of caffeine for pregnant women

The National Health Service recommends that pregnant women consume a maximum of 200mg of caffeine daily because excess caffeine can increase the risk of having a miscarriage.

The findings suggest women having fractures should also reduce their coffee intake.

The scientists said finding out precisely how coffee may positively affect our health was intricate. However, it could be pinned down to the impacts of anti-fibrotic and anti-oxidants which reduce harm to body cells.

Remarking on the review, Eliseo Guallar, from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, stated that there still doubts in regards to the effects of increased coffee consumption.

However, he also added that moderate consumption of coffee appears to be surprisingly safe and can be a fraction of a healthy diet.