The family of a cancer stricken toddler has been given fresh hope after well wishers donated a staggering £250,000 in just 11 days to send the little girl from Britain to America for treatment.

It is the most raised for a single cause by crowdfunding ever. Florence Jackson, from Kent, was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma when she was only 16 months. The little girl has already gone through 20 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell treatment, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. But, despite all of that, her family was heartbroken when the news was broken that her cancer had come back. Having spread to her stomach, the disease is now wrapping around her blood vessels.

Her only hope now is potentially life saving surgery in America. However, her desperate mum and dad Rodney Jackson, 41, and Carolyn, 46, simply did not have the money needed to pay for her treatment. After appealing for donations, an astonished amount of £255,091 was raised in only 11 days – including one donation of £45,000.

Tumour growing again

Family, friends, and total strangers who were moved by her plight donated. Her father explained that medics had managed to get rid of 80 per cent of her tumour and were hoping that gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy would get rid of the rest. However, a routine scan showed that it was actually growing again.


Her heartbroken family were told that she was in such a dire condition that they should prepare themselves for the worst. However, refusing to give up, they looked into whether anything else could be done for the toddler, finding out about renowned surgeon Dr Michael P La Quaglia, who is able to perform surgery which can’t be carried out by anyone else.

However, the tumour needs to grow before that surgery can happen. Rodney said that despite everything, Florence is still managing to fight on.