Tony Romo has had his ups and downs in the NFL. Being drafted in 2003, the 36-year old has always had a great arm, but he is injury prone. Plus, he has taken some major hits over the years. In his career, he has had two back surgeries, which can only be a sensitive situation in any game. When Romo was 34, Coach Bill Parcells was still coaching the Cowboys and pointed out how the quarterback that he drafted seemed anxious. As if it was now or never.

This season, it seems as if there was a good reason that he may have felt that way. On Tuesday, Romo didn’t seem anxious at all. He showed signs that he knew time was up. The star quarterback delivered an emotional statement, and the first announcement since his injury in August. The statement seemed to be a way of him giving up his position as number one.

It’s a transition that most people seen coming. While Romo was on the sideline, recovering, rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott was amazing the fans. With the help of his star, rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliot, Prescott has taken the Cowboys to an 8-1 record and eight straight wins. It is similar to the role that Romo once had; when he was playing for an injured Drew Bledsoe and became the team’s leader in the process.

Romo would not accept any questions. He simply shared during his five minute announcement that he wouldn’t create any issues with the team by attempting to reclaim his role. He believed that Prescott has earned the right to be the team’s starting quarterback. Watching the previous game, against the Steelers, Romo could see where things were going. Watching his team fight back and come out on top was ‘bittersweet’. He definitely wanted his team to win, but he also knew the price that it would cost.