A tremendous rockslide has covered a large portion of California’s iconic Highway 1 up to 40 feet of rocks and dirt on Saturday as a result of the wettest winter California has ever encountered, state transportation officials said Monday.

Highway 1 in southern Big Sur is closed after a tremendous rockslide measuring between a quarter and a half mile buried the Highway under rocks and dirt the hillside in an area called Mud Creek. The rockslide came to an inevitable result for the tempestuous winter that brought floods and road closing along the winding Central California coast road

A massive slide

“A massive slide. We’ve never seen anything like that,” said Colin Jones, the transportation agency’s spokesman for the area.

California had already shut a part of Highway 1 down for roads work to repair the damages that fell on the area due to California flood that happened decades ago.

It has been noted that Authorities suspended work in the area last week after they discovered that the soil was still unstable, Jones said. “Now it’s covering 10 times as much,” he said.

State road official came to decision that they will not resume working or rebuild the damaged part of the road till the landslide pass and end.

A blessing in disguise

Kirk Gafill, president of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce and owner of the historic Nepenthe Restaurant, said the landslide may be a blessing in disguise as it has potential to stable the land the Caltrans was looking forward to shoring up.

Kurt Mayer, who is an owner of Big Sur Tap House, said that he would not change work spot for somewhere else that may be safer for him and his business.

“We’re all going to make it, I’m pretty sure,” he said. “Big Sur can scare some people, and those people usually come and go pretty quickly. And those who can hang, they’re still there and they’ll continue to be there.”