Terror and fear on the streets of the United States of America amongst illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and green card holders since the announcement of Mr.Donald trump as new president. The clampdown on immigrants he has repeatedly vowed to during his presidential campaign is making the lives of millions of people in America a uncertain matter.

Planned discrimination

In the timeframe of Mr. Trump’s inauguration, a document was leaked and published on the Washington Post containing a draft executive order directed at targeting illegal immigrants through the use of social programs in order to identify them and judge according to new standards there compatibility to remain in the country.

Even when it comes to  legal immigrants their refusal to benefit from governmental services is a tangible phenomenon noticed by state officials.  A senior coordinator at the Oakland based East Bay Agency for Children, Jacqueline Portilio, has raised serious concerns at the children of these families and the indispensability of this support to their health.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously branded as food stamps, declared in 2015 four million children receiving their aid been registered under noncitizen parents.

Tangible abstention

State institutions are noticing a significant reduction in the number of applicants for social services.  The Alameda County Community Food Bank, has indicated a decrease of 75% in the number of applicants to it subsidies since the new president took office.

An official at the Food and Nutrition Services, an agency under the U.S. Dept of agriculture, stated that it’s too early to determine the initial cause of the phenomenon of the abstention of people from state institutions that provide food aid.  The absence of sufficient data makes this national trend an enigma that will see various institutions across the country dig into its dimensions.