On New Year’s Eve armed police officers are said to be traveling in London’s underground trains, knows as the Tube.

The move comes so as to reassure the residents who travel through it that their safety and protection comes as a priority, and to counter any possible or potentially related terror threats.

The British Transport Police (BTP) have stated that extra personnel who will be armed as well will be positioned around the train stations, including the Tube as well for New Year’s Eve.

This would be the first time armed patrol officers will have used the underground trains of London.

Safety First

In a statement released by the British Transport Police, they noted that New Year’s Eve serves as one of the most jammed up and overly busy nights within the year, so the deployment of armed officers within the Tube and the rest of the train stations in the UK is to assure a safe and protective atmosphere for all who will be working and traveling throughout this specific night.

The statement added that a similar initiative had been done by them last year as well for New Year’s Eve.

In Good Hands

The BTP mentioned that when the train travelers see these armed officers with them on the train, it means they are going from one station to the next to fulfill their other patrols there.

This initiative had first been decided in October after an alleged bomb threat had surfaced at the North Greenwich train station, but had still yet to decide when to begin this move.

A Scotland Yard senior officer said that in the wake of the recent Berlin market attack and other crowded revenues like the attack in Nice as well, these had forced them to restructure their security and increase it by a few notches for a busy night like New Year’s Eve.