Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the 2015 Paris attacks and the bombing in Brussels a few months later.

Authorities have been investigating the Isis “super-cell” that appears to be behind both terrorist incidents.  A man and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of providing falsified documents for Khalid el-Bakraoui, who was involved in planning the Paris attack in November 2015.

The man known as Farid K and the woman known as Meryem EB have been charged with falsification of documents and using false documents.  The woman has been released on bail.

A spokesman said, “They are suspected to have provided Khalid el-Bakraoui with the false documents afterwards used in preparation of the Paris attacks.”

Khalid, a 27-year-old Belgium who is a former bank robber and criminal rented a safe house in Charleroi where he prepared bombs for the Isis militants who murdered 130 people.

Khalid was wanted by the U.S for terrorism, extremism, and recruitment and his brother Ibrahim was identified by Turkey as an Isis fighter in Syria.

The pair was tracked by police across Belgium and France.  On March 15th last year, police killed another jihadist at an apartment rented by Khalid in Forest, Brussels.

Salah Abdeslam was arrested three days later as his fingerprints were found inside the apartment and questioned.

Due to the aliases the brothers used they were not found until the 22nd March 2016, the day of the Brussels attack.

Ibrahim blew himself up at the Brussels Airport attack, killing himself and the bomb maker Najim Laachraoui.  Khalid detonated explosives at the Maelbeek Metro Station an hour later.

The ID’s given to them by the last two people to be arrested, gave the brothers the freedom to move throughout Belgium and France and plan the attacks.

In Dabiq the magazine packed full of Isis propaganda the extremist group said it had supplied cars, weapons, and lodgings for the Paris attack.