Police have arrested two teenagers as suspects for the London acid attacks, which injured five people.

The Incident

Police have arrested two teenagers as suspects for the London acid attacks, where five people suffered severe acid burns on their faces. On Thursday, two riders went on a 90-minute spree throwing acid in people’s faces in Islington and Hackney. In two of those, the two attackers also stole mopeds.

According to an eyewitness, one victim, who was supposedly a delivery driver, was “screaming in pain,” and one victim had “life-changing injuries.”

Comments On the Attacks

Jon Moody, a resident in Hackney said he heard some screaming and so ran to his window.

“I heard a high-pitched scream but thought it was the boys playing football… I heard more shouting and ran to my window,” he said. “I could see a man in serious distress, he was screaming in pain.

“There were only two police officers with the victim, they took out two large water canisters and poured it over him.”

Cressida Dick, the Met Commissioner, said he was concerned about the “growing trend of victims being doused with corrosive liquids.” She described the recent events as “completely barbaric”.

“The acid can cause horrendous injuries,” she said. “The ones last night involved a series of robberies we believe are linked – I am glad to see we have arrested somebody.”

Stephen Timms, East Ham’s Labour MP said he was “most concerned about sulphuric acid” and that carrying a bottle without justification should be treated as an offence, like carrying a knife.

“We could certainly come up with arrangements that would allow people to use sulphuric acid in the normal way, perhaps with the benefit of a licence.

“But simply walking around the street with a bottle of sulphuric acid, that should be an offence,” he said.

A spokesman for Downing Street said: “We are working with the police to see what more we could do. The prime minister’s view is that the use of acid in this way is horrific.”