England’s pediatric intensive care units unable to support record rise in demand this past week due to lack of available space.


Up to 85% occupancy of pediatric care beds across the UK result in patients forced to relocate outside of cities to seek medical care.


Will Huxter, NHS regional director, request all planned and non-emergency treatments to be put on hold to prioritize emergencies.


Within his email, Huxter wrote, “I am therefore asking you to review the requirement to proceed with non-urgent elective operating lists… and to confirm all steps to reduce planned for intensive care”.


Several city care units announce a state of full capacity as the winter months drive an increase in the chance of viral or respiratory illnesses among children and infants.


Dr. Roland, a senior member of the Royal College of Pediatrics, discussed his experiences with insufficient resources claiming, “The hospital is at capacity but we are always able to make provision for the patients that need care”.


In London alone, seven intensive care unit’s capacity are at a max resulting in the transfer of several children due to lack of beds.


Remarks from Dr. Spencer, from NHS England, reassures parents and citizens that it is “not unusual for hospitals to reduce planned surgery” under such conditions as it must “ensure that the sickest patients can receive the care they need when they need it most”.


Due to this increasing demand, a national review of pediatric intensive care has been put into place.