Many senior State Department officials informed CNN that the US shares the idea that several State Department employees at the embassy experienced an acoustic attack, and this has left about two of the employees with health issues. As such, there’s the need to bring them back to the US for proper medication. An official pointed out that the employees have been affected by severe hearing problems.

The employees that were affected were at different places, but have been experiencing different symptoms since the ending of 2016.

The State Department took up the issue with Cuban government all these while and sent medical experts to Havana where the employees are but haven’t been able to spot what truly happened.

According to an official, they have tried to know what’s happening, but the Cubans keep saying that they are not aware. It’s troublesome. Another official added that the issue is a strange one. However, the FBI is investigating the matter now.

Physical symptoms reported

On Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the State Department, Heather Nauret stated that some US government employees employed at the US embassy in Havana reported some cases that were resulting in some seen symptoms. However, Heather couldn’t detail the on the type of incidents.

A US official said that there are different symptoms, and could mean various sources. As such, the officials are meticulous about the information they give out as regards the incidents. At the moment, there are many things unknown to the US officials.

For a long time, the US officials working in Havana have reported Cubans harassment and their frequent breaking into houses and cars. However, diplomats said that the campaign of harassment ended when the Cuba and US reached complete diplomatic ties.

According to Nauert, some of the affected officials returned to the states, and this made the US government fire two Cuban diplomats from the Washington embassy sometime in May.

Trump’s administration and its effect in Cuba

One of the officials said that they had a feeling to call Cuba back to order, reminding them their duty in line with the Vienna convention. However, the officials were not announced ‘persona non-grata,’ as such, they can go back to the states if the issue is resolved.

Nauert said the State Department employees were affected and not any American civilians. The State Departement is taking serious action about this to dig out what exactly happened.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs debunked the idea that Cuba is involved in mistreating the US diplomats in Havana. The Ministry added that the resolution to expel Cuban diplomats was not justified.

The statement delivered in Spanish pointed out that Cuba has never permitted any form of mistreatment of accredited officials or their families.