A Vermont resident is accused of sending a number of threatening and racist emails to the state democrat leader Faisal Gill.

Originally Born In Pakistan

Gill who was originally born in Pakistan is apparently the first Muslim leader to take a state political party position in the United States.

According to Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George, 48-year-old Christopher Hayden from Burlington Vermont, was arraigned in June on the charge of disturbing the peace by electronic means with the intention of hate-crime. George went on to day that charge carries a two year and three months maximum prison sentence.

George announced that Hayden pleaded not guilty and was released on conditions.

Gill received a series of emails, the first of which arrived May 24 and additional ones on May 31. The final two emails included extreme ethnic and racial slurs and a lewd cartoon of the prophet Mohammed. The sender told Gill that he had no choice and this was his “last chance” to “get out of my Green Mountains.”

In another email, he went on tell Gill “Get out or we will make you wish you did.”

Gill alerted Burlington police, he said he was deeply disturbed and that he had never met Hayden.


“I do hope that he gets a sentence that makes him realize that he cannot do these kinds of things anymore,” Gill said in an interview.

The prosecutor, George, believes that Hayden’s threats were based solely on Gill’s religion.

“Any time that an individual is targeted and threatened based on their nationality, religion or ethnicity, I find it extremely concerning and a threat to the integrity of our entire country,” George said.

Hayden denied a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon says George. The police said he had threatened a man with a weapon while shouting racial slurs on Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace.