VW has released a statement to defend its reputation after an accusation that they collaborated with various top German automobile makers to infringe on the European Union cartel regulation.

The company stated that it was normal for manufacturers to exchange trade information to help in innovative ideas.
VW said it was normal for manufacturers to exchange technical information to speed up innovation.

But, it refused to say anything regarding the accusation that top five German automobile makers teamed up to breach the EU cartel rule that governs technology and pricing.
Daimler has also debunked the accusation.

The Fight Against Anti-Trust

The European Union and German anti-trust rules are reviewing the accusation that Daimler, Volkswagen, and BMW and other subsidiaries such as Porsche and Audi, teamed up for years on areas of advance and innovations, that affected suppliers and clients negatively.

In a report coming from an emergency session, the Volkswagen Group said: “it doesn’t have anything to say regarding the present situation of information of these allegations or on any rumours.”

“It is very normal for popular automobile makers around the world to get involved in trading technical information to help speed the value and pace of car making in the world.” It added, it said this minimized the price for clients.

Volkswagen is currently faced with a fine that runs into thousands of billions of currency in fines and settlement after accepting a charge of breaching diesel emissions trial.

Regardless of the speculations, Volkswagen’s running revenues increased during the second quarter, assisted by bigger-surplus and a price cut on new models.

Underlying revenue climbed to 4.5bn euros (£4bn) compared with 1.9bn in the same quarter previous year.