An unusual thing is happening – a bride getting married on Sunday doesn’t have her dress, while two out of her bridesmaids’ dresses are yet to be found.

Casey Pereira who will be getting married on Sunday told Call 12 for Action that the whole scenario is a stressful one. She added that she has been making plans for her wedding for the past two years, and has paid for everything. She’s bothered about the best step to take if these dresses are not found.

Boutiques slated to shut down

Pereira’s bridesmaids purchased their dresses at a bridal chain with its outlets spread over the country, Alfred Angelo, but social media threw up the news that all boutiques across the country were mapped to be shut down. As such, Pereira headed for the North Attleboro to track her bridesmaids’ dresses.

When Call 12 for Action rushed to the North Attleboro shop to enquire if the shop was about to shut down permanently, the manager replied ‘no comment.’ Likewise, employees at six different stores of Alfred Angelo confirmed that the store was closing down when they were contacted via phone.

A similar case where a groom rushed to the store to pick up his fiancé’s wedding dress and two other dresses was recorded. The groom reported that he was not informed of the closure, he had to rush down when he called to ask about alterations, but he got a reply that all doors will be shut by 8:00 in the night on Thursday. The groom said that the store had just one out of the three dresses meant for pick up, and the wedding will take place before one month.
The groom from Worcester said that if the dress cannot be found, it would mean another expenditure of $1,200 to get his bride a new dress.

Attempts to reach the bridal shop failed

Call 12 for Action tried to reach Alfred Angelo’s corporate office via phone calls, but the calls were not answered. According to the firm’s website, Alfred Angelo is a popular name that operates more than 1,400 retail shops with over 60 stores spread across the U.S. It specializes in the sales of special occasion dresses and bridal gowns.