The article revolves around a well detailed research performed by a well reputed research firm with the aim to providing a detailed overview related to the two most famous app companies providing office solutions to the organization. The research is well conducted and provides a reasonable snapshot to ponder before selection of appropriate system solution.

First finding of the report reveals the trend towards extensive use of Office 365 in organizations of larger structure compared to Google Apps. The astounding facts further reveals that the organizations using Office 365 are about 4 times greater in size and approximately 5 years older in industry and have massive IT teams compared to the Google App user companies.

However the trend shows slight shifts when it comes to smaller companies who are able to implement Google Apps without the fuss in one go. The statistics have revealed that implementation of Google Apps in one go is more profound compared to the Office 365. This is certainly in line with the strategy of Google Apps where they are more focused toward providing hassle free implementation of their Apps in the shortest possible time to claim technological edge compared to the competitors.

However, comparison between the deployment strategies of both organizations shows a 180 degree change in their approaches. Office 365 has been more instrumental in creating flexible and easier transitions allowing users to customize their working style instead of sudden and rapid changes as usually witnessed during Google Apps implementation focusing primarily on cloud-only structure.

There is a substantial increase on the collaboration front while using Google Apps compared to Microsoft and it also adds significant advantage of reduced costs with the use of Google Apps.

The research also revealed a pattern for those organizations that are using more than half the number of applications offered by these companies. The most extensively used apps for Google are Calender, Gmail, Drive whereas for Office 365 the most acclaimed apps are Desktop solutions e.g. Outlook, Word and Excel.

For firms which utilize more than 50% of applications, the most popular apps for Google were Gmail, Calendar and Drive, while for Office 365 the most popular apps were all desktop – Word, Excel and Outlook. However the research company has also admitted the fact that while use of Office 365 has been as promising as it has ever been, the hybrid approach is now getting more common where trend to switch towards cloud technology has seen significant climb in the recent past.

The research therefore has clearly indicatedextensive use of Office 365 in older and larger well established organizations who are working for many years having complicated IT infrastructure and larger turnovers and employee capacity whereas Google Apps have been the choice of more progressing companies with moderate structure of IT. The shift towards cloud technology has also been observed in larger organizations but it is still not as prominent. Technology has evolved recently and a hybrid structure is observed more often than not.

The profound shift in technology has also transformed the roles of IT professionals towards more proactive and effective solution providers compared to more sedate and lean approach of yester years.