Known to have held famous allegation battles on social media platform “Twitter”, the newly appointed president of the United States has sparked a new strife that has caught the public eye.

After the failure that the freedom caucuses has had to endure last week, not being able to replace Obama Care as they promised their electorate, Mr.Trump is pointing fingers at the congressional members of the conservative tea party.

Exchanged blame

The Health Care act has been a matter of controversy since its initiation, being described by the Republicans and Tea party members as a blow to the health industry.

Defecting on replacing it, as promised during his presidential campaign, has seen the president go on a Twitter rant expressing his frustration and disappointment, blaming members of this party and the caucuses.

The exchanged accusations witnessed online between the head of the oval office and the members of his own party are raising concerns that the democrats could come out as the clear winners from this strife.

If this happens, the republicans would find themselves excluded from the decision-making process in the future term.

Signs of the possibility of this forecast are shown in one of the tweets of Mr. Trump as he said: “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Democrats, in 2018!”

Potential switch of sides

Members of the democratic party, trying to benefit from this fracture, welcomed the heads of state to collaborate with them at any time he wishes.

Being faced with lethal legislative procedures in the shortcoming period, both houses are expected to collaborate and step up their deal making efforts.

The instability across Washington is piling up and could see the government failing to create any tangible accomplishment.