A US sports journalist has received a barrage of abuse from trolls mistaking her for Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.
The journalist shares the same name as the businesswoman who launched a successful lawsuit to stop Theresa May’s government from triggering Article 50 without giving Parliament a say.
Three High Court judges ruled that Mrs May can do nothing without seeking Parliament’s approval to begin official exit negotiations.
The actual Ms Miller has already been the subject of vile abuse in the UK, including death and rape threats and calls for her to go back to Guyana in South America, where she is from.
However, now another Gina Miller, on the other side of the Atlantic has also found herself on the receiving end of abusive emails.
The other Ms Miller, who is a reporter in Dallas, Texas, was horrified when she fell pray to hateful online abuse and threats to her life.
She said she felt empathy for the Gina Miller in Britain, saying no one deserved to be attacked in such a way.
However, she did point out that “any time you are in the public eye, you must expect a certain amount of positive and negative reaction”.
She said added: “While no one deserves online vitriol, I think how we react to it is important, as well. If we respond with similar levels of hate, that only fuels the fire. If you respond intelligently and with class, that can go a long way into not making an unfortunate situation.”
The Texan Ms Miller said that she had received an appalling email, which was headed: “I sincerely hope you get cancer and die”.
She said it was an absolute contrast to the “very proper, polite British behaviour” she had been witness to on a visit to the country.
The American Ms Miller shared some of the messages she had received and has now received messages of support from wellwishers and apologies from people who were confused by her name.
She responded to abuse with the message: ‘To all my passionate, new UK followers: Article 50 Gina Miller is @thatginamiller.’
The High Court ruling threatens to derail Mrs May’s plans to invoke Article 50 before March.
However, Mrs May has said she will not be distracted from the timescale she is working towards and she will be launching an appeal in the Supreme Court.